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The known history of the Erappakkattu  family begins with our great grandfather pothen thomman,  who settled at kadambanadu(purayidam) in the year AD 1750.Slowly our family spread to Elamgulam in Kottayam district of Eruppakkattu Family history now spanning over 10 generations is enriched by the contributions and achievements of many notable personalities in the lineage.Our forefathers are the energy of dedication determination and integrated to take along. And their contributions to the society as a whole, turned significant and loudable .  Their tenacious services have made the family tree flourish in values and spread across the land. Their indelible contributions will always be remembered and looked upon with respect. They where inspiration to many,clearly no building stands that test of time without a solid foundation.

We all  know that Eruppakkattu family has it's known base in Central Travancore. Today it has grown with branches spread over all the seven continents. It is true that we hardly meet or interact with our own close relatives due to our busy life schedule. We have our nostalgic memories and contacts limited to 2 or 3 generations consisting of grand children to grandparents. It is a painful truth that majority of our children have no idea about their rich heritage and proud and ancestors.

The Eruppakkattu family website and family tree project is an endeavour taken up by the Elamgulam Eruppakattu kudumba yogam. This journey to find its history and reforge its family tree is being done so as it may serve as a beautiful reminders of what our family history to the present and coming generations , For History is the best tool for a knowledgeable person for future. It will definitely help all to explore into our rich heritage and remain connected with their siblings spread all over. We believe that it will grow mutual relationships and corporation in between.

The organisers have used all their might but are aware of the fact that it is not complete. Alterations and modifications continue, though the perfectness is quiet impossible to reach. Human errors also are possible. In case anybody come across one please don't hesitate to report.

What we intend  with this website is providing a common platform to all family members to share their expertise and concerns in between. All members of Eruppakkattu family may make use of this at it's best. We also appeal all of you to make use of this website to develop a better interpersonal relationships even to having not seen each other ever since.

Our efforts to collect the details and compile the full list of our family members began in early sixties. We thankfully remember all those patrons and their invaluable service, which slowly led to annual family get togethers. In 1985, the General Body officially authorised a team to prepare a history book. The process continued and finally the forth committee in this series could release the book in May 1989. Such an error free ref. book helped the present History and Website Committee to begin their work with confidence. On behalf of the Elamgulam Family unit, I take this opportunity to graciously thank all those who worked in the concerned History Book Committee that published the book. The full book is added here in this website, under History ‘window’, for your kind reference. 

I also take this opportunity to thank all the members of the present Family Working Committee especially the History and Website Sub-committee, for all the efforts they have taken to collect necessary information that relates to all the families and arrange everything in an acceptable order.  Hats off to you all!  Kudos to Team Hermosoftech for creating this wonderful website.

We earnestly request more involvement and technical contributions from our family members, especially from our youngsters. Alterations and modifications should continue. It is an ever continuing process too. Please don't hesitate to report your comments and concerns.

Thank you

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